ECO Synod Meeting, January 26-28, 2016


Laura and I were in attendance at the 2016 ECO Synod meeting  at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California.  What a wonderful spiritual breath of fresh air for me as a commissioner!  We were captivated by the main speakers and the work God is doing in all our churches.


The Charleston Presbyterian Church  is now a part of a new presbytery: The Presbytery of the South.  The change became official on January 27, 2016.  We are united in ministry and mission with our sisters and brothers in the ECO from the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama,  and Tennessee.  We are looking forward to our next Annual Synod Gathering in 2017.  The next synod business will be conducted in 2018.20160127_090323_resized_3