CPC Adopts Haiti Under God as One of Its Newest Missions

Don’t we all look stylish with hair nets?
On early Saturday morning, March 5th, a team of members from Charleston Presbyterian Church traveled to Edisto Island to participate in the Haiti Under God (HUG) Pack-A-Thon.  We prepared bags of food, each weighing between 380-400 grams with 4 essential foods and nutrients in each bag.  This food will be shipped to Haiti and Kentucky, and 10% of the food is to remain on Edisto Island to help stock a food pantry.   We ended a little over 2 hours later with 28,560 meals in 119 boxes, which is almost 2,000 more meals than last year’s Pack-A Thon.20160305_103333  20160305_103034[1] The morning began with a stirring presentation and video on how the food is distributed and how valuable it is to children all over the world.  Many Haitian children are without basic needs and without a balanced diet, and there are some children right here in the United States that have similar needs.  But since we do not live by bread alone, every child is also fed with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ our Lord!20160305_103315 20160305_103151 20160305_10332920160305_103042