Director of the Moscow Theological Seminary to Speak at CPC July 17!

tsutserov_webprofileDr. Sasha Tsutserov

Sasha Tsutserov’s parents were members of the Communist Party in Russia. They never spoke of God or the Bible. However, when he was five years old, his grandmother insisted that he was baptized in the Orthodox Church. This was all done in secret—miles outside of Moscow, inside a dimly lit sanctuary. Although he was young, the Holy Spirit touched a hidden yearning in his heart for spiritual reality.

As an adult, Sasha became a member of the Communist Party and worked for the KGB. He had a beautiful wife Natasha, a precious daughter Julia, good friends, a bright future, and all that he dreamed of as a young man.

Julia befriended an American girl whose father was a missionary in Moscow. Natasha became their Russian language tutor. As the head of his home and a KGB agent, Sasha felt obligated to investigate these foreigners who had made such an impact on his family. He was awestruck by the humanitarian aid distributed by their church, and he was irresistibly drawn to their joy for life, for each other, and for the Lord. Step by step, he began to realize their generosity and joy stemmed from their love for God. At first, he gave God a 50/50 chance: since no one could prove God’s existence, then no one could deny him either. Sasha stepped away from his aggressively atheistic lifestyle. Then, while praying at a church retreat, he had a vision. He saw God standing on the top of a mountain. He felt he was a jar of clay. God was pouring down the pure gold of the Holy Spirit into the jar—Sasha. From that moment on, he needed no evidence for God’s existence, for he knew God in Jesus Christ. He returned home that day, and when Natasha saw him, she said, “What’s wrong with you? You are smiling!” Sasha had never smiled before. But that day, Jesus made him smile. He admitted that he had become a Christian. Natasha, in turn, confessed that she had become a Christian earlier, but she was afraid to talk about it with her husband, a KGB agent! In July 1993, Sasha was baptized and openly proclaimed his faith in Jesus Christ.

Sasha knew he could not keep his faith and his job, so he quit working for the KGB. He helped planted a church in Moscow. Sasha knew that God had called him to ministry in education. But no school in Russia offered a degree in biblical studies because the Communists had prohibited theological training. He attended Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, and graduated with an M.Div. in 1997. In 2004, he earned a Ph.D. in New Testament at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. While studying, he also worked at the Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary by working in every position at the school—from a secretary to the provost.

Sasha now serves as director and professor at the seminary in Moscow, where they are raising up a new generation of Christian leaders.

Genesis Youth Choir Sings for One Church in Charleston: CPC!

Genesis Dallas Youth ChoirThe Genesis Youth Choir from Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas sings for one church during their stay in Charleston: Charleston Presbyterian! They arrived here on Tuesday, June 7th and were involved in three different missions, and they also sang for some local nursing homes.   CPC was blessed by their commitment and dedication to our Lord and Savior.   What an inspiration they are to every generation and covenant partner of CPC!  Thanks to Josh for volunteering to catch the frisbee that was thrown as part of the children’s message!


“The Lord is My Shepherd”

“Lord, for Thy Tender Mercies’ Sake”

The message for the service was focused upon the motive in our hearts for worship and service: love for Christ.

“Forgiven Much, Love Much”

1 John 4:15-19, Luke 7:36-50

Two for One Sunday at CPC!

This Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 10:00 AM Charleston Presbyterian Church will be hosting the Genesis Youth Choir all the way from Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, Texas!  Ms. Gay Munselle is the director and she is excited about sharing this group with CPC.  They will be singing throughout the worship service that has been especially designed for this wonderful experience.   The message will be entitled, “Forgiven Much, Love Much” and will be focused upon how our perception of forgiveness affects how much we love and serve Jesus.Genesis Dallas Youth Choir

gathering at the barn

Bring your family and friends!

Then directly after worship, we will be headed to our 2nd Annual BBQ Picnic on the Farm!

Don’t Miss It!  We will have a delectable spread of pork, chicken and ribs.   And for those with a sweet tooth – desserts too!  Entertainment for kids of all ages.  A sample includes – goats, chickens, a fishing pond, swings, trampoline and a jump castle – and much more!  Click on map to farm to find out how to get there!more eating, less talk lunch for the goatsWow!some serious eating going on


CPC Oyster Roast on Truluck Island

Charleston Presbyterian Church held our annual Oyster Roast this year on March 20 at Truluck Island.   Palm Sunday brought many people to worship at CPC, and we met after worship to fellowship together with other Spirit-filled Christians.    We hope you and your family will come again to our next fellowship meal!almost heavenyoung one

good oystersoyster shucking 101in line to eattime to eat A Asst Pastor & Family

Easter/Resurrection Sunday at Charleston Presbyterian

children 2preaching 4A new high attendance was reached for Easter Sunday at Charleston Presbyterian Church. There were many guests seeking the Lord and His living presence through the worship, word, music and the covenant members at CPC.

The children came forward for the young people’s, “What’s In the Bag?”  They were rewarded with the story of the resurrection of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s role in sharing her witness of the risen Lord.  You can hear the audio message by clicking on the Sermons menu and finding the title, “Where Have They Taken My Lord?”  The children and some adults were also rewarded with fish-shaped chocolate and the name of Jesus written on each yummy piece.   We pray that everyone who attended Easter Sunday within every Christian church all over the world will return next Sunday!children 3crosschildren 1

CPC Holds Its First Maundy Thursday Worship Service

Charleston Presbyterian Church will hold its first Maundy cropped-The-Cross-at-CPC-e1432573680451.jpgThursday Service at 7:30PM on March 24, 2016 at Stuhr’s Chapel, 232 Calhoun Street in Charleston.   Special music, harp, soloist, and a choir will assist us in true and spiritual worship.  We will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper and a message entitled, “Commanding Love.”  We welcome you to gather together with us and seek the Lord as we remember Jesus’ last evening with His disciples and prepare for Easter.Last Supper

CPC Adopts Haiti Under God as One of Its Newest Missions

Don’t we all look stylish with hair nets?
On early Saturday morning, March 5th, a team of members from Charleston Presbyterian Church traveled to Edisto Island to participate in the Haiti Under God (HUG) Pack-A-Thon.  We prepared bags of food, each weighing between 380-400 grams with 4 essential foods and nutrients in each bag.  This food will be shipped to Haiti and Kentucky, and 10% of the food is to remain on Edisto Island to help stock a food pantry.   We ended a little over 2 hours later with 28,560 meals in 119 boxes, which is almost 2,000 more meals than last year’s Pack-A Thon.20160305_103333  20160305_103034[1] The morning began with a stirring presentation and video on how the food is distributed and how valuable it is to children all over the world.  Many Haitian children are without basic needs and without a balanced diet, and there are some children right here in the United States that have similar needs.  But since we do not live by bread alone, every child is also fed with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ our Lord!20160305_103315 20160305_103151 20160305_10332920160305_103042

Sunday Fellowship Celebrates Valentine’s Day and God’s Love

IMG_1980Second Sunday Fellowship Luncheon met this month at Water’s Edge on Shem Creek in Mt. Pleasant to celebrate Valentine’s Day and God’s love for all people.   Some of us ordered the brunch buffet, and some of us ordered separately, but all of us enjoyed the fellowship, love and unity at Charleston Presbyterian.

We would love to have you join us next time for our Second Sunday Fellowship Luncheon at noon!


ECO Synod Meeting, January 26-28, 2016


Laura and I were in attendance at the 2016 ECO Synod meeting  at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach, California.  What a wonderful spiritual breath of fresh air for me as a commissioner!  We were captivated by the main speakers and the work God is doing in all our churches.


The Charleston Presbyterian Church  is now a part of a new presbytery: The Presbytery of the South.  The change became official on January 27, 2016.  We are united in ministry and mission with our sisters and brothers in the ECO from the states of South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama,  and Tennessee.  We are looking forward to our next Annual Synod Gathering in 2017.  The next synod business will be conducted in 2018.20160127_090323_resized_3